Sarajevo Unlimited Workshop 05: „The Trouble Makers”

31 okt

Our favorite guest is in the house! Erik Meijer from Deutsche Telekom will be the lead of the workshop: „The Trouble Makers: How start-ups can disrupt and scale-up?“
Here is his message to you:
Real innovative ‘trouble makers’ know where the money is. More exactly, they know where to find the ‘margins that matter’. They will do more with less: have a laser-sharp focus on the first monies coming in and an ultra-light approach in execution. They have an exact, but agile(!) plan to aggressively scale-up and work backwards from that. They operate like airline pilots: with enough fuel (money) in the tank (bank) for go-around and alternative (revenue) airports for a good pivot.
In short, Trouble Makers are not the ‘creative startup-people’ with the big ‘aha moment’. But meticulous planners running a micro-multinational business on superior (scrum/agile) tools and executing with global networked talent and partners like Deutsche Telekom, your local telecom operator and the Telekom Management Forum.
If you aspire to be a trouble maker, join this workshop, learn to think different, win like a ‘tri-althete’: with the right money tools and Magenta team.
But if you can’t think UNLIMITED, don’t apply.
Above all, look forward to working with you in our workshop, supporting and executing your plans,

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