Sarajevo – Entrepreneurship in Journalism

6 jul

International masters of journalism and entrepreneurship will be present in Sarajevo and will share their knowledge, approach and success in writing excellent stories in captive styles for thousands of readers worldwide.

What will be covered?

– New ways and techniques to capture and cover entrepreneurial stories;
– Practice interviews with real entrepreneurs and ways how to highlight effective messages to bring out;
– Different angles from which to cover stories;
– How to succeed in matching stories to the mainstream media and how to get more people to read the stories.

Who are the trainers?

Tomas Matas Martines,
Active in the startup world, Tomas has a long background in journalism, and he is also a successful writer, author and experienced professional in the book and magazine publishing industries. Tomas advises students and young startups on communication strategy writing and implementation, on content creation and team work for digital media, advertising agencies, TV producers, publishers and companies from other sectors in the innovation process. In addition, he has developed his own Internet projects and participates in startups in Barcelona and London.

Carloz Perez,
Entrepreneur enthusiast, trainer and motivational lecturer for writers and content generators, Carlos is social media strategist, who know how to use the best text to attract most readers and sell the strongest points of startup. His moto is: Understand the present, anticipate the future, share now what we know. This keeps us together”. Carlos believes that by 2025, nothing will be the same in the world, thus we have to know now how to adapt our products, our strategy and our communication to be able and prepared to respond the forthcoming change.

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