Sajam koledža US i Kanade na UWC Mostar

13 sep

If you want to find out how you can study in the US and Canada, you are welcome to come on Monday, September 18th from 8:00-12:00h at UWC Mostar (Spanish room, second floor).

The following Colleges will be presented at the Fair:

  • Colorado College,
  • St. Olaf College,
  • Oklahoma University,
  • Ringling College,
  • Whitman College,
  • Gettysburg College,
  • Earlham College,
  • St. John's College,
  • Washington & Lee University,
  • Concordia College, Reed College.

College Fair Programme includes:

08:15 Introduction of University representatives
08:40 How to Use a College Fair
09:05 Characteristics of US Higher Education
09:30 College fair
10:30 Workshop: Financial Aid for International Students
11:20 Workshop: Tips for Writing an Application Essay

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