RYCO poziv za stručne konsultante: Kadrovske i finansijske odredbe

5 aug
Rok prijave 08.08.2018

Rezultat slika za ryco

TIRANA – The development of the staff and financial regulations are important specialist investments in RYCO capacity. Simultaneously, they constitute part of a broader and holistic approach to the organisation's internal development. Thus, in order to add real value, ensure mandate clarity and avoid duplication, the consultant/s will need to acquaint themselves fully with RYCO's general Organization Development (OD) plans, and to ensure that their work fully complements other areas of RYCO OD investment.

To be able to effectively fulfil this role and to meet the requirements of its funding partners, RYCO needs to establish its own structure, rules and procedures. To ensure that the respective documents are fit for purpose, in line with applicable legislation and good practice, and compatible with RYCO’s mandate, RYCO is searching for consultant/s to further develop and review the current Provisional Staff Regulation and internally produced first rough draft of financial regulation.

RYCO is looking for a consultant/a team of consultants or a service provider specialised in this field to provide the newly established organisation with:

– Work strand 1: Staff Regulations that enables RYCO staff members to effectively perform their duties, explains their rights and obligations, and is in line with applicable legislation, RYCO’s statutes and best practice of international public sector management.

– Work strand 2: A Financial Regulation that enables RYCO to effectively fulfil its role while meeting the requirements of its diverse funding partners, including with regard to RYCO’s grant-making mechanism, and that is consistent with applicable legislation, RYCO’s statutes and international public financial management best practice .

Both policies needs to draw on the already developed draft policy build on progress made in the first months of RYCO’s operations, through a consultative process. In addition, they need to be compatible with each other and with existing policies in every aspect.

The consultant(s)/service provider are expected to deliver their expression of interest by 8th August 2018.

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