RYCO: Otvoren 1. poziv za projekte mladih i srednjih škola na Balkanu!

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Rok prijave 16.11.2017

Regionalni ured za saradnju mladih (RYCO) kojeg je osnovalo 6 zemalja Zapadnog Balkana otvara i svoj prvi poziv za projekte mladih i srednjih škola. Službeni jezik je engleski za pripremu aplikacija, a u nastavku slijede ključne informacije kao i linkovi na prijavni obrazac.

Through this PILOT Open Call for Proposals, RYCO is establishing itself as a leading regional initiative for supporting young people in the Western Balkan. RYCO wants to empower youth for setting the course to a better society in the Western Balkans and for ensuring further progress towards European integration of the region.

The exchange of experiences between young people from regional contracting parties will help to form new ideas for the future of the region, contribute to the better understanding of human rights, initiate intraregional exchange and cooperation, and help foster trust building between youth from different ethnic groups. In piloting this regional Open Call, RYCO will provide necessary regional perspective and support a regional approach to continuous sector development in WB6. RYCO believes that only this is possible path to sustainable and peaceful development of the region.

The General Objective of this Call for Proposals is to contribute to the process of reconciliation in the region of the Western Balkans through increasing youth mobility, cooperation and activism.

To contribute to the global and specific objectives (SO) of this Call for Proposals, actions should fall into the one of the following priority areas (PA):

SO1: Ensuring a safe environment for young people for constructively dealing with the past
SO2: Providing opportunities for intercultural learning and enhancing intercultural competences
SO3: Enabling intercultural dialogue and tolerance through decreasing the level of hate speech, negative stereotypes and prejudice among young people in the region

SO4: Fostering active citizenship and participation in decision-making processes by young people
SO5: Strengthening capacities of key actors working for and with young people for civic participation and social inclusion
SO6: Promoting social inclusion of young people through mobility, cooperation and shared projects

RYCO will support projects built upon a partnership, with at least one partner from WB 6 (please check the Guidelines).

Dokumenti za apliciranje: http://www.rycowb.org/?page_id=3842

Više informacija o RYCO-u možete naći na webu ili na Facebook page-u.

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Info platforma Hoću.ba kroz saradnju sa Francuskom ambasadom redovno prati proces kreiranja i početka rada RYCO.

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