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7 jul

Hello everyone!
To introduce ourselves, Rubix Strategies is a technical think tank focusing on fields of engineering and technology manufacturing in general.

If you’re a young enthusiast by day and Batman by night, you just might be the person we’re looking for. We are in need of people to write texts for our blog, concentrated on technical disciplines.
You can check out the blog here:

1. Text has to have minimum of cca. 200 words, and maximum of cca. 600 words
2. If your text is accepted, you will not be automatically paid. The payment happens only at the first 100 social media shares on your text which you can supervise by checking out the social media icons leading to your post.  NO SPAMMING! Or you shall not pass.
Example: if your text has 300 words, and gets to 100 shares – that’s $15 for you!
If your text has 400 words, and gets 100 shares – that’s $20 for you!
3. Topics are free to choose, as long as they stay valuable to general focuses of our company.
4. We’re always open for submissions.

1. Be fluent in English language
2. Spell-check your text before sending it to us
3. State your sources if using them

1. Love engineering, manufacturing, and/or our focuses:
Medical Device Manufacturing, Bio-pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing, Commercial Aerospace Market, Nuclear Manufacturing, Technology Manufacturing, General Manufacturing Models and Lean Concepts

Don’t have to, really:
1. Have long experience in professional writing. As long as it sounds good, looks good and is well written – we’ll like it!
2. Be a student. We prefer fresh thinking coming from any generation.

If you think you can add some valuable content to our blog, send us your work at
[email protected] subject being “Blog Submission (+ the topic of your work)”

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