Poziv za dostavljanje radova: Religija u društvima Zapadnog Balkana

12 dec
Rok prijave 20.01.2019

The conference on Religion in Society is organized by the Institute for Democracy and MediationBelgrade Open SchoolAnalitika Center for Social Research and the Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This regional conference aims to explore threats and opportunities for the role of religion in Western Balkans societies and to contribute to enhancing societal and policy mechanisms to better respond to future challenges in this regard.

Researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the field are invited to contribute paper proposals for the conference. Selected papers will be published in the Religion in Society Research Conference volume and the websites of the organizers. Authors will present their paper during the conference in Tirana and will be asked to ensure their availability to participate. The conference provides a unique opportunity for authors to share their findings and engage with fellow academics, practitioners in the field and other stakeholders (state, religious, non-state, internationals etc.) at the panel discussions. Authors will be compensated for their contribution and the travel expenses to attend the conference will be covered by the organizers.

How to apply?

Submit the following documents by 20 January 2019 to [email protected] Late submissions will not be accepted.

– The abstract indicating main topic, arguments, and references (max. 800 words);

– Publication list (this may be a selection)

OR two writing samples (1000-2000 words each, preferably unedited); – CV or short bio.

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