Radionica u Mostaru: “Crowdfunding Essentials and Bootcamp”

25 mar

EU funded project ‘EU4TECH Western Balkans’ and experts from BRODOTO have joined forces to offer a workshop on crowdfunding at INTERA on 2 April 2019.

Crowdfunding is a financing and marketing tool which enables people to raise funds and their visibility from large numbers of people, by creating campaigns on different crowdfunding platforms. BIH has also witnessed some successful campaign, including ITGirls and Žene BiH in 2018.

The workshop is aimed at individuals, start-ups, SMEs, creative industry and anyone interested in learning more about this alternative finance model.

If you have ever found yourself asking questions like those listed below – this is the place for you!
– What actually is crowdfunding?
– How can I raise money for my idea/business through crowdfunding?
– How can crowdfunding help me build my brand?
– What is the difference between reward and equity crowdfunding?
– Is it only for social causes and businesses?
– Does it work in BIH?
– Is it legal? Can I use it for myself?
– How can I run a campaign?”

You can expect a one-hour lecture Introduction to Crowdfunding and CF Essentials, and an immediate follow up workshop which will look closely at campaign strategy, target group and perks, crowdbuilding, storytelling and communications in crowdfunding campaigns.

Join us at Intera Technology Park on 2 April at 11am!
Places are limited – so please register here:

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