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12 feb

Live it Lisbon! program calls for participants who would like to spend summer volunteering in Portugal. The accommodation and food will be provided by the organiser. There are two periods of the program: from July the 1st to July the 11th and from August the 24th to September the 3rd. Deadline to apply is month before selected program starts.

Live it Lisbon! is a social program aimed at people who want to live, work and create bonds with people from all over the World. The program consists of partaking in volunteer community work here in Lisbon, and will allow you to contribute to helping communities in the city of Lisbon. As well as the community work, you will benefit from Portuguese language classes, which will allow you to learn more about the culture of Portugal and this amazing city, or from cooking workshops, which will allow you to add recipes from other countries while having fun with the other participants.

The program is not all about work though! Other activities will be arranged for the participants. There is a fully kitted out hostel for accommodation purposes, in which will be conducted group cooking activities, evening entertainment and social activities.

Main criteria:

You must be at least 18 years old to participate;
Fluent in English.
A participation fee is required from all the participants to cover the costs of the programme. The Live it Lisbon! programme costs the participants a maximum standard fee of €250. This cost can be reduced depending on the date of payment. The Live it Lisbon! programme runs a discount offer that is detailed as follows: the total price can be reduced to €220 if the participant makes their first payment before April, 15th (for period A) or May, 15th (for period B).

The fee covers: accommodation, food & drink, activities coordinated by Live it Lisbon, language classes, cooking workshops, travel costs within the programme, administrative costs and completion certificate.

Find out more in link below.

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