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Applications are open for 2019 Mama Cash Grant program to support women, girls, trans people and intersex people who fight for their rights.

Activists who tirelessly and fearlessly make their voices heard. Who criticise oppressive or restrictive norms and practices, and lobby for fair laws. Who demand their political and economic rights, and insist on bodily autonomy.


  • Money (economic justice)
    • Mama Cash makes grants to women’s, girls’, trans people’s and intersex people’s organisations and initiatives working on:
      • Labour rights
      • Environmental justice
  • Voice
    • Mama Cash makes grants to women’s, girls’, trans people’s and intersex people’s organisations and initiatives working on:
      • Accessing and Redistributing Power – Political Participation
      • Shifting Stereotypes through Arts and Media
  • Body
    • Mama Cash makes grants to women’s, girls’, trans people’s and intersex people’s organisations and initiatives working towards:
      • Reproductive justice
      • Changing sex, sexuality and gender norms
      • Reframing and ending violence

Eligibility Criteria

  • Mama Cash supports groups and initiatives that:
    • Work from a feminist and/or women’s rights perspective
    • Are self-led by the women, girls, trans people and/or intersex they serve
    • Have the promotion of women’s, girls’, trans people and/or intersex people’s human rights as their primary mission, and not just as the focus of part of their programmes
    • Push for structural and fundamental change
    • Focus on issues that are under-addressed and/or contested
  • Mama Cash supports groups that work on:
    • Forced sterilisation of women living with HIV and AIDS
    • Exclusion of Indigenous women from decision making over their land
    • Labour rights of women, trans and intersex people in sex, domestic or industrial work
    • Rights to water, food, and a clean, safe, and healthy environment
    • Confronting legal and social discrimination against lesbian and bisexual women, or against migrant and refugee women
    • Sexual rights of women, girls, trans and intersex people living with disabilities
    • Decision-making for girls and older women (65+) about their lives (education, health, relationships)
    • Political and public participation for women, girls, trans people or intersex from ethnic or religious minorities
  • Mama Cash does not fund:
    • Groups whose mission and/or primary focus are not the promotion of women’s, girls’, trans people’s or intersex people’s human rights
    • Groups whose work focuses primarily on improving the lives of individual women, girls, trans people and/or intersex people without addressing the conditions that give rise to the injustices they face
    • Groups that actively seek to deny the rights of certain women, girls, trans and intersex people, based on who they are or on their position in society
    • Groups whose primary purpose is development work, humanitarianassistance, poverty alleviation, or services, such as:
    • Income-generating activities and credit programmes
    • (In)formal education, literacy programmes and traditional skills training
    • Providing social, legal or health care services
    • Groups led by men (with the exception of those led by trans men)
    • Groups based in the United States or Canada
    • Groups based in the Global North that are executing programmes in or are leading partnerships with groups based in the Global South and East
    • Groups founded by, led by, or structurally or economically dependent on political parties, government agencies, or religious institutions
      • Businesses
      • Individuals
      • Academic research or scholarships
    • Stand-alone travel grants (costs for travel can, however, be part of broader applications provided they are consistent with the group’s mission and strategies)

How to Apply

Interested applicants can apply for a grant by filling up the Letter of Interest form available on the given website.

For more information, please visit link.

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