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Training Course: 15-21 October 2017 | Struga, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Knowledge of the history of Europe is necessary to be able to interpret the different perceptions of current events. The knowledge that the citizens should acquire in order to be aware of a relationship between current events and processes in the past is not primarily based on simple facts and dates but also on a knowledge of basic structures, the economic and social situation, and political systems

This training gives general input to Human Rights and Holocaust Education with an accent to Roma and Sinti Holocaust as it is not very well known. The idea with this project is to learn how to encourage young people to implement European values and opportunities with active role and different approach in dealing with prejudice, to learn how to show that they are part of European culture and that they can create future society based on democracy.

The main method of the training is Living Library.

Profile of the participants:    

Present will be Roma and non-Roma leaders, activists, multipliers, and volunteers who are working with young and/or Roma .

Participants must also:

• be familiar with the situation and challenges of the Roma community in their country
• be motivated to develop their competences in advocacy, anti-discrimination work, human rights and to share their experiences with other participants
• be aged 18 –
• be committed to attend for the full duration of the course
• be able to work in English
• be resident in one of the European countries, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


There is no participation fee. The organizers cover the costs for accommodation, board and any program-related costs. Travel costs are reimbursed during the seminar or afterwards by bank transfer based on a fully presented travel reimbursement claim (flight bookings, boarding tickets, invoices, bus/train tickets), based on the cheapest means and up to a certain amount:

– Western Europe max. 250 Euro,
– Central and Eastern Europe max 200 €;
– Albania and Serbia max 60 eur; Bosnia and Herzegovina max 90 eur. for questions contact the organizers.


More informations and application.

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