Prijavite se na trening program Quality Assurance Masters u AP Labu

14 feb
Rok prijave 26.02.2018

You have probably heard that Quality Assurance is important in software and web development, but you may not know just how important it is – or which skills are needed to ensure that an app or site is the best it can be.

The new program at our AP Lab Talent and Innovation Center – Quality Assurance Masters is aimed at anyone who has the desire and passion to gain a foothold in Software Quality Assurance.

The 4-month program is designed to provide a good foundation and understanding of Quality Assurance in Software Development Life Cycle, as well as insight into how to ensure successful delivery. But it doesn’t end there! We use this program to identify promising full-time employment candidates, so you can get the chance to join our team of IT experts.

We’re looking for talented and passionate people who are interested in a career dedicated to developing great software. If that sounds like you, apply now because the positions are filling up fast!

Upcoming Session: March 19, 2018 – July 6, 2018
Application Deadline: February 26, 2018

Application and more informations read here.

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