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Rok prijave 10.04.2018

Civic Activism – Arts for social change
Apply for the unique training opportunity with well known trainers who combine art techniques and civic activism methods.

Training also includes opportunities for the planning and support for implementing small Transformative Actions (intervention in public space).

Open for participants from ML, AL, BiH, KS, MNE and SRB
For any further questions contact: [email protected]

Click on the link and fill the application form, latest until Tuesday (10th of April, 2018

– age 18 to 40, both male and female,
– interest in community activism, previous experience is valued,
– interest in working with different forms of art (photography, video production, street art, painting, poetry slam, performances etc.) and education,
– interest in volunteering and contributing to local communities,
– ability to follow training and communicate in English,
– currently living in Macedonia or the Balkans region countries,
– motivation and commitment to create and be part of a sustainable group of young people, working further on together, with the power to multiply the gained knowledge, skills and to create a network of like-minded peers,
– availability to attend the training in Ohrid, Macedonia in the period from 12 to 17 April, 2018 and implement transformative actions in the period (till end of April) following the training.

Open to:
– current university students;
– high school students (4th year);
– youth leaders and activists;
– young artists.

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