Poziv za studijsku posjetu u Tiranu: Budi promjena – Osnaženi građani, osnažene zajednice!

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Project: ‘Be the Change – Empowered Citizens, Empowered Communities’
Dates: Jan 5 – Jan 12, 2018
Venue: Tirana, Albania

The project aims to increase capacity building of 10 partner organizations, and involve of 55 youth workers in citizenship education in order to contribute to a working civil society across the national borders in Europe.

The general theme of the project is focused on Citizenship in general, European citizenship in particular and other concepts which associated it. Four dimension of citizenship will be in focus of working agenda, concepts such as intercultural dialogue, migration, rights and responsibilities, cultural identity and how each of the above concepts is translated in concrete activities with young people.

The study visit will bring together 20 youth workers, 2 facilitators and 2 staff from 10 EU and WB countries for 7 days. Therefore, an exchange of tools and approaches for active participation of young people and means of influencing and exploring concrete youth works on local and national level will be core elements of the study visit.

We all share the same values as Europeans and all should be responsible as citizens for constructing a democratic society and for the present and the future development of Europe where everyone dignity and rights should be respected.

During the project we will collect examples of good practice in European citizenship at local level, including during visits to Albanian NGOs – this will inform our outputs (European Citizenship Good Practice Guide for Western Balkans).

Participants will be acommodated in shared rooms. Travel costs will be covered by organizers, up to 180eur per participant. There is no participation fee, except 40,00KM of administrative costs (to be payed by selected participants as a confirmation of attendance).

Svoj CV (max. 2 stranice) i motivaciono pismo (max. 1 stranica) u PDF formatu pošaljite na e-mail [email protected] najkasnije 27. novembra. Rezultati selekcije biće objavljeni najkasnije 30. novembra.

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