Poziv za organizacije za učešće na Regionalnom Expert Panelu

28 jan
Rok prijave 15.02.2016

Poziv sve zainteresovane organizacije iz Bosne i Hercegovine da se prijave za učešće na REGIONALNOM EXPERT PANELU II koji će biti održan u Sarajevu od 08.06.- 12.06.2016.

Na ovaj način zelimo spojiti mlade iz 19 Evropskih zemalja sa mladim iz naše zemlje, te kroz zajednički rad realizirati nove ideje. Ovo je super prilika da ostvarite kontakte i razvijete partnerstva sa organizacijama širom Evrope.

Pored regionalne suradnje možete ostvariti i sjajnu suradnju sa bosanskohercegovačkim organizacijama, jer će na panelu biti 20 organizacija iz BiH, 15 iz Evrope i 10 iz Njemačke.

Svim učesnicima je objezbijeđen smještaj, hrana i putni troškovi do Sarajeva.

Svi zainteresovani se mogu javiti na mail: [email protected].

Rok za prijavu organizacija je pomjeren na 15. februar 2016. godine.

Ukratko o programu koji je počeop prošle godine:

CfP from Bosnia-Herzegovina & Macedonia: „Non-Formal Education and Diversity in
European Youth Work: Subjects – Methods – Exchange“
• Regional Expert Panel I: 2nd -6th of April 2016 in Tetovo, Macedonia
• Regional Expert Panel II: 8th – 12th of June 2016 in Sarajevo, BiH
„All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights“ says the first article of the universal declaration of Human Rights. The article is suggesting that each person is different and in the same time valuable and unique, much more that each individual deserves respect,
appreciation and recognition despite of its origin, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, religion and conviction.

Brave new world? The reality looks different. Homophobia and racism – just mentioning two forms of discrimination – are deeply rooted in all societies. Not knowing and denial of diverse concepts of life and styles are not only hampering the living together but much more endangering the social peace massively and sustainably. Complex and heterogeneous milieus as well as collective and individual concepts of identity produces ambiguities and requires from society as such and from pedagogues especially a high level of competences. The diversity approach is reacting on that.

The project line, initiated by the European Youth Education and Meeting Center (Weimar, Germany) with an overall duration of one and a half years is dedicated to the discussion of the theme „Non-Formal Education and Diversity in European Youth Work“ with project partners from 19 different European countries. After a first Contact-Making Event in Novi Sad, Serbia and an International Training Course in Weimar, Germany we are looking forward to implement two “Regional expert panels”. They are
targeted at stakeholders (youth and adults from NGOs, initiatives, foundations, representatives from politics, culture, local civil society) from Tetovo (Regional Expert

Panel I) and Sarajevo (Regional Expert Panel II) and its surroundings. They are aimed:
• to learn what a diversity-conscious approach is about
• to deepen the consciousness about power positions and experiences with diversity and discrimination in co-operation with partner(s) and target groups
• to experience concrete methods for youth projects and reflect, discuss and adapt them, furthermore to plan concrete steps to implement a diversity-conscious perspective in partners and other stakeholders activities (seminars, workshops and other educational activities) and in their organizations
• to experience and reflect a diversity- conscious attitude as facilitators, managers, pedagogues etc. Furthermore the “Regional Expert Panels” will
• visualize and disseminate the overall project line “Non-Formal Education and Diversity in European Youth Work” in the region
• visualize and disseminate the program Erasmus+/Youth in Action in the region
• visualize and disseminate the current ongoing discourse on “Diversity conscious education/international youth work” in the region, e.g. through visualizing and disseminating prevailing strategies, activities and publications (Forscher Praktiker Dialog, DIVE, “More than culture” (Vervielfältigungen); JiVE International, SALTO – Cultural Diversity Publications & Activities etc., Training activities of the NAs)

We are inviting interested organisations from Bosnia-Herzegovina to join the “Regional Expert Panel II – Diversity & Inclusion”, to take place 8th – 12th of June 2016 in Sarajevo, BiH. In case you are interested to join the event, please contact:

• Ismail Sehic: [email protected]

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