Poziv za omladinski forum u Berlinu: 100 godina nakon I svjetskog rata, 100 ideja za mir

5 jun
Rok prijave 17.06.2018

On the occasion of the commemoration of the centenary of the end of the First World War, the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) together with various partners is organising an international youth meeting that will bring together 500 youth and young adults from Germany, France, the European Union, the EU accession candidate countries and the EU's Southern and Eastern Neighbours in Berlin from November 14 to 18, 2018.

The international youth meeting “Youth for Peace – 100 Years after World War I, 100 Ideas for Peace” stands under the patronage of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Mission du Centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale (MdC). The event is realised bythe Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) in close cooperation with the Institut français d’Allemagne / French Embassy in Berlin, the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. (VDK) and the Office National des Anciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerre (ONACVG).

As part of a dialogue with representatives from the fields of science, media, politics and culture, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss or creatively implement different topics in workshops. There will also be on-site activities in peace education, as well as an exciting supplemental programme that includes alternative city tours, a film and soccer night and visiting places of remembrance and memorials in Berlin. This youth meeting will give the chance to meet new people and learn what peers in other countries think of the topic of war and peace in and around Europe and in the world. The remembrance of the millions who died during World War I (1914-1918) takes very different shapes in each of the societies and countries involved.

Following the Franco-German youth events at Hartmannswillerkopf (2014) and in Verdun (2016), this big youth gathering in November 2018 offers the opportunity to open the cycle of commemoration and for the first time invite youth from all countries in Europe and its neighbourhood that were impacted by the First World War to Berlin, along with their own histories. On November 18, one week after the important political commemoration in Paris by the international community on November 11, and on the occasion of the German National Day of Mourning, the young people in Berlin will present results from the workshops, and concrete ideas for sustainable peace will be transmitted to political decision-makers and discussed with them.

To implement the pedagogical programme of this international youth meeting, the Franco-German Youth Office is looking for 60-70 interculturally trained youth leaders to help shape this event.

Formal criteria:

  • Proven experience in working with international, intercultural youth groups (proof of certification preferred or similar credentials)
  • Interest in history, memory work and peace education
  • Skills in intercultural pedagogy, ideally coupled with memory work
  • Experience with the language animation method is helpful
  • Very good spoken English language skills required
  • Good language skills in German or French or an additional language (Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic etc.) appreciated


  • Preparing, designing and implementing a workshop over several days on the umbrella topics of “the end of the First World War in 1918 and the ending of wars in general” as well as “building a common and peaceful future in Europe and its neighbourhood.” The workshop modules will be led by a tandem or tridem and intended for an international group of about 20-25 young people (aged 15-22).
  • Supporting a multilingual, international group of 20 to 25 young people during their entire stay (i.e., during the workshop and the accompanying cultural programme), taking the intercultural dimension of the groups into consideration.
    Compulsory attendance of a preparatory weekend seminar from September 14 to 16, 2018 in Berlin (lodging in double and 4-bed rooms).
  • Compulsory attendance of a preparatory meeting and a follow-up meeting for the youth meeting in Berlin; this means arriving on November 13, 2018 (one day before the beginning of the youth meeting) and departing on November 19, 2018 (one day after the youth meeting) (lodging in double rooms).
  • During the two-day preparation and training seminar on September 14-16, 2018 in Berlin, workshop ideas and methods (intercultural and language animation, memory work) will be jointly elaborated under the guidance of a team of pedagogical experts. Additional thematic support in the workshops will also be provided by external speakers or instructors.

It is possible, but not required, to apply directly as a tandem or tridem. In this case, simply include the name of your partner in your application.

The Franco-German Youth Office will cover travel costs (train and plane tickets will be booked through a travel agency commissioned by the FGYO), as well as accommodation expenses for the preparatory weekend in September 2018 and the big event in November 2018. The youth leaders selected for this event will receive a fixed allowance of 1300 € for the different activities in accordance with a written agreement.

Više informacija i aplikaciju možete pronaći OVDJE.

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