Poziv za EVS volonterku na 12 mjeseci u Gazientep, Turska

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Rok prijave 15.05.2017

U sklopu EVS projekta sa partnerskom organizacijom iz Turske Sof Dağı Spor kulübü, potrebna jedna volonterka iz Bosne i Hercegovine.

Detalji o projektu i aktivnostima:

Ime projekta: AGAİN AND AGAİN    12 Months

  • Pocket Money: 80 Euro
  • Food: 3 times per day + snacks
  • Medical Support: 24/7
  • Transportation: local transport cards+ we will pick you up from the airport and deliver to your accommodation
  • Accommodation: a big summer house with basketball playground, swimming pool, and a huge garden where volunteers can consume all organic food nonstop
  • Skills: we teach organic planting, professional swimming, and international fun!
  • Activity:assistance during the swimming pool classes, e.g. help to make exercises with children, playing water polo games, controlling children safety;garden work: collecting vegetables and fruits;assistance in providing activities and workshops on organic planting and food;participation in conservation of the plants;

    participation in informative lessons at schools about Erasmus and EVS;

    participation and conduction of the sharing collected food with local people suffering from poverty/ refugees/ students.

  • Na linkovima se nalaze prezentacije projekta i organizacije:

Gaziantep for Partners

Presantation of again and again project

Svi zainteresovani treba da posalju CV i Motivaciono pismo na engleskom jeziku najdalje do 15.05.2017 putem maila: [email protected].

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