Poziv za dostavljanje ponuda za provođenje eksterne evaluacije projekta: „Prevencija, zaštita, rehabilitacija žrtava rata i rodno zasnovanog nasilja u BiH“

27 apr
Rok prijave 07.05.2019

Udruženje građana Vive Žene, Tuzla  objavljuje poziv za dostavljanje ponuda za eksternu evaluaciju projekta: „Prevencija, zaštita, rehabilitacija žrtava rata i rodno zasnovanog nasilja  u BiH“.

Detaljne informacije sa smjernicama za provođenje eksterne evaluacije dostupne su u prilogu 1. Projektni zadatak (ToR): ToR for evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation is twofold: On the one hand the evaluation should give a short overview of the main findings of the implementation of the project phase (2017-2019) and on the other hand it should provide a follow-up of the reorganisation process and the strategic planning for 2017-2019.

More specifically, the main goals of the evaluation are:

  • To analyze the achievement of results of Vive Žene Centre as for therapy and rehabilitation (achievements, strength, challenges, opportunities and threats for sustainability.
  •  To analyze the internal reorganization process and strategic planning (2017-2019) of Vive Žene
  • To assess and analyze the innovative and new approaches that have been developed throughout the last three years Key focus of the evaluation is to assess and analyze the strengths, difficulties, opportunities and challenges of Vive Žene new strategic approach, internal reorganisation, financial sustainability and systematic integration of its services and to draw operational recommendations and lessons learned for further improvement and enhancement of relevant objectives/activities through analyses of the factors contributing to the success of the project.

Closing date for receipt of proposals 07 May 2019

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