Poziv za 6 volontera za učešće na EVS projektu u Poljskoj

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Teatr Brama (Poland) is looking for a volunteer to join a long-term EVS project from 1st October 2018.

The volunteer will join a group of 6 volunteers in total. They will work with the members of the international team of the cultural association Teatr Brama in Goleniow, Poland. Teatr Brama is an association that spreads culture, art and theatre through educational, social and artistic projects involving different local, national and international communities. Volunteers will be involved at the same time at different levels in the organisation.

We are looking for:

  •  Three volunteers who will mainly create videos and photos and will be part of the technical team of the association;
  • Three volunteers who will take part in our activities with our different communities and can help us to create new projects and international contacts.

We are looking for volunteers with the following characteristics:

  • Active and proactive;
  • With the desire to learn how to work with our different communities (disabled people, children, seniors) through different educational and/or creative activities;
  • Interested in learning and helping in the technical organization of the association (audio, lighting, maintenance);
  • With a passion for creating videos and in photography;
  • Creative, interested in art, culture, (not necessarily theatre and performing arts);
  • Wishing to help us create European projects and create new international contacts for our association.

The activities of the volunteers will almost always be on a double track, on the creative side and on the other side of production and organization. The project lasts 1 year (October 2018-September 2019).

Volunteers would be provided with board, lodging and a fee for extra expenses; they would also have private health insurance. During the whole time of the project activities, he/she will work with tutors who will guide him/her through the activities.

Candidates should send their CV and letter of motivation to [email protected]. If you have any questions feel free to write.

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