Poziv za 5 učesnika za omladinsku razmjenu u Rumuniji

6 jan
Rok prijave 10.01.2018

BRAVO in cooperation with partner Red Cross of Municipality of Novo Sarajevo announce a call for 5 participants for Youth Exchange in Slanic Moldova, Romania from 23.02 – 06.03.2018. for BiH citizens and those living in BiH.

Name of Youth Exchange: ”Tolerance+”

Date of YE: 23.02 – 06.03.2018.
Organizer: Active Development Association ADA
Place: Slanic Moldova, Romania
Paricipants: 4 + 1 (leader of the group)
Working language: English

Youth Exchange is project under Erasmus+ program what means that YE would be under Erasmus+ Rules. Accommodation, food and travel costs are covered by organizers(limit 275€).


The project’s main activity is a youth exchange, a mobility of young people from partner countries, to be held between 23th of February 2018 and 6th of March 2018 in Slănic Moldova (Romania) with the participation of 40 young people and 10 group leaders from Romania, Bosnia and Herzego

vina, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Moldova, Estonia, Greece, Albania and Portugal.

Every each partner organization will be represented by 4 young participants with the age between 16 and 25 years old (2 out of the 4 participants must be young people with fewer opportunities) and 1 group leader with the age above 18 years old.

The YE aims to stimulate the active participation of young people in the fight against discrimination, marginalization and hate speech, but also in promoting equality, social solidarity and tolerance through visual arts and performing arts.

Through this project we want to create high quality and relevant learn

ing outcomes for all the involved parties (young people, group leaders, partners and local communities). In this way, the project contributes to young participants’ personal, professional and social development, developing key, specific and transversal competences.

The Youth Exchange consists of a set of workshops carefully planned with clear objectives (including learning objectives) in which we use participatory methods, creative (particularly derived from art) and reflective that facilitate an effective learning process, based on the development of high quality learning outcomes for all involved.

The Youth Exchange’s timetable is clear defined, well designed according to participation needs, it is realistic, balanced (there is balance between free time and working sessions), creating real opportunities for the participants and it is relevant to project’s objectives.

In the infopack, you may find more information about the project, the youth exchange, the timetable, participants’ profile, selection tools and criteria for their selection, but also some technical information that will help you preparing their travel to Romania.


Poslati motivacijsko pismo na Engleskom jeziku do 500 riječi (u word dokumentu) na mail: [email protected] do 10.01.2018. sa naslovom maila na “ime projekta za koji se prijavljujete”.

Participacija po učesniku iznosi 25€.

Participacija pokriva administrativne troškove, troškove materijala, troškove banke pri refundaciji putnih troškova, asistenciju pri, u toku i nakon projekta uključujući i diseminaciju projekta.

Sva pitanja možete postaviti na mail [email protected].

Otvoren poziv do 10.01. 2018.
Rezultati selekcije do 15.01.2018.

Mail za prijave: [email protected].

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