Poziv za 3 učesnika za trening u Pirovcu, Hrvatska

20 jul
Rok prijave 15.08.2018

BRAVO announces call for 3 participants for Training Course in Pirovac, Croatia from 13.10 – 21.10.2018. for BiH citizens and those living in BiH.

Name of project: ”Rainbow Xchanges ”
Date of TC: 13th October to 21st of October, 2018
Organizer: Platypus
Place: Pirovac, Croatia
Participants: 3 (18+)
Working language: English

Youth Exchange is project under Erasmus+ program what means that TC is under Erasmus+ rules. Accommodation, food and travel costs (180€ limit) are covered by organizers.

About the Training Course

Rainbow Xchanges will bring 26 youth workers and two trainers to Pirovac, near Šibenik, in Croatia from 13-21 October, including travel days. The partners include: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Georgia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia and Denmark. Every partner has three participants, except the Croatian group, which will have four participants.

In many EU countries LGBTI people are still to achieve full equality under the law, while the situation is even worse among non-EU member countries. However, even more worrisome is that often the anti-discrimination laws meant to protect LGBTI people are not being implemented. In this environment it is often the NGO sector that has been driving the change in social attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities in their societies. The mission of this project is to equip youth workers and their organizations with new skills of working with LGBTI youth and on LGBTI issues.

Due to widespread discrimination and violence against LGBTI people, many LGBTI youth are closeted, and having to pretend that you are something that you are not is emotionally and psychologically damaging to LGBTI youth. Through this TC youth workers will learn how better to reach and motivate LGBTI youth to join their activities. Also, they will learn new methods of explaining complicated issues connected to gender and sexuality to heterosexual youth as well. Also, through this TC youth workers will learn how to mix straight and LGBTI youth in their activities. This will have a positive impact on both groups of youth – LGBTI youth will become more confident and will be more open about their sexuality and gender identity, while the heterosexual youth will become more tolerant, understanding and accepting of LGBTI people.


Send your motivation letter written in English up to 500 words (doc form: MS Word) on e-mail: [email protected] with e-mail title as following ”your name, name of the project you are applying for”.

Participation FEE: 25€ (only for selected participants)

Deadline for applying: 15.08.2018.
Selection results: up to 25.08.2018.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

E-mail for applications: [email protected]

More info find here.

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