Poziv za 3 učesnika iz BiH za trening u Beču

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BRAVO with partners CKNS announces call for 3 participants for Training course in Vienna, Austria from 05.05 – 13.05.2018. for BiH citizens and those living in BiH.

Name of project: Tackling TREE (terrorism, radicalism and extremism in Europe) ’’
Date of TC: 05.05– 13.05.2018. (05th of May is arrival day, 13th May  is departure day)
Organizer: Centralni Savet Srba u Nemačkoj
Place: Vienna, Austria
Participants: 3  (Age of participants have to be 18+)
Working language: English

Training Course is project under Erasmus+ program what means that TC is under Erasmus+ rules. Accommodation, food and travel costs (limit 275€) are covered by organizers.


Recently the world has been reminded about the threat of extremism. This phenomenon is on the rise in Europe. Extremist movements, ideologies, parties and individuals present some of the most pressing challenges for European democracies. They continue to gain large levels of support from different segments of the society, even among some of the most economically secure and highly educated regions of Europe. Many young people are affected by populism and anti-immigration sentiments and fall into a very dangerous rhetoric.

Taking into account those extremist movements in Europe, raising xenophobia and islamophobia, we consider it highly important to gather active young people, youth workers and activists to discuss questions of multicultural society, interreligious and intercultural dialogue as well as to think about some practical tools how to fight discrimination and combat extremism.
Real response to extremism is creating general ambient in which people don’t accept extremism. That’s the duty of all of us, to create, with our own behavior and values, new frame where extremism and violence will be truly unaccepted.

During the TC we will look deeper into the issues of extremism, migration, discrimination, nationalism, intolerance and intercultural misunderstandings. The TC will support young people and active youth workers to learn about the ways of living together, accepting differences and fighting together against prejudice and xenophobia in these turbulent times

Learning objectives of the TC are:

– To analyze today’s multicultural society in different countries;
– To gain knowledge on key concepts, such as stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination, extremism, intolerance;
– To understand the causes of extremism and where they develop;
– To analyze the European values and how they can be used in contrasting those phenomena.
– To promote active citizenship, international dialogue and non-formal education.
– To overview the European programs and create new projects related to the topic.

– To develop participants knowledge about Erasmus + programme

Ideal participant (not obligatory):

“Tackling TREE (terrorism, radicalism and extremism in Europe)” is a training course, intended for Youth Workers, Youth lieders, active volunteers, or persons which may have an interest or knowledge regarding the topic of the programme.

The participants will be youth workers that are active members of the organizations of the partners involved which:

  • youth workers and youth leaders active in non – formal education field;
  • are willing to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes to play an active role towards an intercultural society
  • are working or plan to work with multicultural groups on local, national or international level;
  • would like to get practical and theoretical knowledge,
  • have already “some” experience with working with young people;
  • have previous experience in intercultural activities and/or are familiar with concept of intercultural learning;
  • are able to communicate in English (The official language of the training course will be English).
  • are at least 18 years old;
  • are motivated to be fully involved in preparation process (homework’s) and attend at least 98% of the training course.
  • are motivated to take part in after training phase (evaluation, self-assessment, etc.).


The youth exchange is implemented by support of the European Commission programme ERASMUS+ and the Austrian National Agency. Travel Expenses (according to Erasmus+ guidelines), accommodation, food and planned activities will be covered by the project budget.

We will reimburse travel costs as listed below on the basis of the cheapest possibilities, e.g. second class railway tickets, APEX-flights etc. by bank transfer after the training and the receipt of all ORIGINAL tickets, bills, invoices, receipts, boarding tags/cards etc. Following the guide lines of the Erasmus + programme the travel back must be realised by the participants on direct way within maximum 2 days. In case of longer stays or indirect travelling (holiday travel etc.) there is no chance of reimbursement of travel costs. Missing tickets will not be reimbursed. Please, keep the original tickets in order to get money back. Till 15. April please send as your travel details.


The project will be held at Vienna Brigittenau – Youth Hostel (http://www.oejhv.at/index.php?id=162&L=1)

All the activities of the TC will take place in the same hostel so we have the chance to combine education with  cool /relax time.

Full board: rooms with 2 and 4 beds, bathroom, toilet.

Accomodation includs all the meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

People from the same country can not be in the same room.

During the TC, costs for board and lodging are covered by the project.  Extra expenses, such as drinks in the bar in the venue, extra days have to be paid by participants.

During the workshops there is 2 coffee break; during this break we will provide coffee and tea, also some sweets. This is for free for participants.

What to bring:

Insurance – Travel Insurance

– To prepare presentation about reality in your country about project topics. Can be done in any way, just be creative, make something interesting for others. Of course, Power Points are welcome

– About your NGO –  During seminar will be a informal opportunities to present your NGOs’ work. We fully encourage you to bring as much – relevant – materials as possible.

Very useful is:

– To bring information in English language about your organization

– To bring other relevant information about your previous international projects you     have organized

– To bring pictures, posters, leaflets and booklets of your NGO related to independent living

– To bring necessary things for representing your country, because we will have intercultural evenings and this mean that you will have your own space (around 15 min) to present your traditions, cultures or whatever you think represent your country to whole group. Try to make something interactive for people, make them participate, try to show culture but please, don’t play long videos from Youtube because this is something we can do at home, we would like to really experience your country in live ?

  • And for sure, don’t forget to bring food & drinks from your countries!!
  • Good Mood


Send Motivation letter up to 500 words (in word document) on mail: [email protected] until 16.04.2018. with “title/name” of the project/training on which you are applying.

Participation fee: 25€ (50 KM).

All questions you can send to  [email protected]

Open call until: 16.04.2018.
Selection results until: 18.04.2018.

Mail for sending Motivation letters is: [email protected]

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