PowerUP: Takmiči se u polju energetskih startup-ova i osvoji do €20K ili €150K vrijednu investiciju!

6 jul
Rok prijave 11.09.2017

If you have:

  • a new product or service,
  • time to market max. 2 years,
  • dedicated team , s
  • ecured IP, 
  • an ambitious plan to become a global company – apply
    to PowerUp!

Eligible Countries: Bulgaria, ALBANIA, Croatia, ARMENIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, Czech Republic, Estonia, MACEDONIA, Greece, GEORGIA, Hungary, MOLDOVA,
MONTENEGRO, Latvia, SERBIA, Lithuania, Turkey, UKRAINE, Poland, Cyprus,
Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania.

How does it work?

To take part in the competition, you have to submit a project that regards sustainable energy, create a team, have the prototype and fill out the form on the competition site.

Apply HERE.

More informations.

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