Posjetite Zimski umjetnički festival u Mostaru

19 jan

Winter Arts Festival presents creative events through musical performances, artistic exhibitions, poetry and interesting workshops. Organized by UWC Mostar students it is one of the events you simply must visit this winter!


  • 24/1/2018

12:00h Winter Arts Festival – warm up party with Visual Arts Workshop in the hall of Gimnazija Mostar
16:00h – „Make your own balloon animal“ – workshop in the hall of Gimnazija Mostar
19:00h – Official opening of the Festival – photo exhibition „Mostar through international eyes“ at the Youth Cultural Center Abrašević

  • 25/1/2018

19:00h – Exhibition of artworks by UWC Mostar Visual Art students in the upper gallery of HKD Kosača

  • 26/1/2018

19:00h – Poetry Night – world poets in their native languages (with translation) in the upper gallery of HKD Kosača

  • 27/1/2018

19:00h– Dance performances followed by a joint concert of UWC Mostar and Gimnazija Mostar students

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