PhotogrVphy dodjeljuje grant za najkreativnije fotografe iz cijelog svijeta

26 mar
Rok prijave 31.08.2018

PhotogrVphy Grant awards $1000 annually to the applicant with the most inspirational photographic idea to support visual project of the artist.

PhotogrVphy Grant 2018 is open for submissions without any fees (free to enter) to support all photographers from every corner of the world. They only accept series of photographs which share a common theme and are built as a one consistent project in the following categories: Body, Climate, Daily Life, Experimental, Urban. The Grand Prize winner and finalists will be selected by the most respected names in photographic world.

Why you should enter Photogrvphy Grant?
Show your project to industry professionals, including: curators, publishers, editors and esteemed photographers. Your work will be also presented in our gallery to the audiences around the world.

Deadline is August 31st, 2018: Enter Now

More informations and application

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