Panel diskusija Brain Drain: A Non Zero Sum Game

7 jan

As the phrase „crisis in human resources“ might seem somewhat aggrandizement of the issues being faced by the global health sector, the recent data shows that its use may very well be legitimized. According to a 2006 WHO report, the world is facing an estimated 4,3 million shortage of doctors, nurses and midwives.  The antecedent changes in the global health dynamics have sparked a new, more intense wave of health workforce migration in the past decade.

The challenge of globalization and opening of borders for work market liberation, give rise to questions about sustainable development of LEDCs, and a rising dependency of high income countries on IMG’s.
So the problem inevitably presents itself — how to manage the oncoming pressures of doctor shortages in the lower income countries, brought on by those in the higher income countries, in a manner that can be equated to humanitarian negligence ?

To talk about this and gives a unique frame of reference to this specific point are the following compelling panelists:
• Dobrila Govedarica – As the Director of Open Society Fund BiH, Mrs Dobrila has had much experience with young people who have wanted to go abroad in search of a better education or opportunity.
• Selma Selimović, MD a researcher in the field of Ageing and Regenerative Medicine who received her MD at University of Sarajevo Medical school and a masters degree at Rollins school of public health at Emory University.
• Ajla Šunje, MD who left Bosnia as a refugee child, and later went on to pursue her medical degree in the US, but decided to return to her homeland where she now works as a director of the Chicago Vein Institute-Sarajevo.

By telling their personal stories and experiences along with the more general rendition of factors which come into play, they are looking to gain clarity and insight into a very intricate subject of medical migration.
The panel itself will feature a four piece discussion focusing on
1) Global patterns of migration and what can we learn from them
2) Challenges and perils awaiting every young MD when deciding to move abroad
3) The Anchor Factor —Grounds to stay
4) The non zero-sum game: Can we all win?

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