Otvoren poziv za trenere: Dugotrajno kreativno učenje

12 dec
Rok prijave 16.12.2018

21-26 January 2019 | Ankara, Turkey

This is the final activity of a series of Insightrainer Creatrainer (IC)workshops. The participants of Product Jam are selected from the participants of the IC Workshops previously run during the year (creative writing; visuals & comics; games & play).

During  the Product  Jam,  participants  gather  and  form creative  teams (merging  their  different  skills)  and  design  and  develop  tools  to  be used  in  youth  work  with  and  about  refugees.

In  general,  the  Product  Jam  aims  to  provide  space  and  means  to  participants  in order  to  design  and  produce educational  tools  to  be  used  in  youth  work  with and  about  refugees  while  supporting  the  development  of  creative  skills  of  non-formal education  trainers  through  this  reflected  practice.

All  activities  of  the  Insightrainer  Creatrainer  process  will  be  accompanied  by  an experienced  researcher  with  the  key  research  question  “what  helps  facilitate trainers  to  gain  and  implement  new  skills?”

The  research  will  not  only  provide  a feedback  loop  throughout  the  year  but  also  will  sharpen  the documentation process and  support  participants’ conscious  learning  process.

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