Otvoren poziv za omladinsku razmjenu u okviru Erasmus + programa

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Rok prijave 30.10.2018

Prijavi se i provedi 7 dana potpuno besplatno u Španiji! 

Naziv projekta: ”LEAD YOUR STORY for better employability and wellbeing”

Datum razmjene: 25.11.2018 – 01.12.2018.

Organizatori: Societas Familia supra omne i AJUNTAMENT DEL

Mjesto: Valencia, Španija

Učesnici: 5 (18-30) 4 učesnika, plus jedan lider. Lider grupe je predstavnik organizacije.

Radni jezik: Engleski

Rok za prijavu: 30.10. 2018.
Datum selekcije: 31.10.2018.

Način prijave: CV i Motivaciono pismo

Ukratko o razmjeni:
“We know that a young person´s experience in the labour market can be confusing, overwhelming and even painful – from making career choices, sending job applications, presenting oneself in an interview to communicating freely and integrating oneself into a new team. Because of that, a lot of young people suffer from mental health problems – anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, depression – and feel left alone with them. In our project, we want to address these issues and help our participants improve their personal and professional qualities, so that they can lead their own stories for better employability and wellbeing. We pay special attention to developing their emotional intelligence, social skills, self-appreciation and self-care. As a result, we hope to reduce their risk of unemployment, help them clarify their goals, empower them to believe in their dreams and unlock their potential and also equip them with some techniques to take care of their daily emotional and physical wellbeing. Apart from that, we want our participants to have a beautiful international experience, with a precious opportunity to learn about other cultures and share their ideas and feelings with their peers from other countries.

Omladinska razmjena se održava u okviru Erasmus + programa, što podrazumjeva da su Smještaj, hrana i putni troškovi (do 275€) pokriveni od strane programa.

Za sve dodatne informacije kontaktirajte nas putem naše facebook stranice Societas Familia supra omne ili putem e-mail adrese: [email protected]

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