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UNISPACE+50: Space and Society

From 20 to 21 June 2018 the international community will gather in Vienna for UNISPACE+50, a special segment of the 61st session of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS).

UNISPACE+50 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. It will also be an opportunity for the international community to gather and consider the future course of global space cooperation for the benefit of humankind.

In the lead up to UNISPACE+50, the World Space Week Association (WSWA) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) invite World Space Week volunteers to participate in an essay contest on the role of space and society, now and in the future.

Participants – eligibility:

All World Space Week volunteers (volunteering managers, national coordinators, event organizers)

Thematic questions:

What is the role of space as a solution to global challenges on Earth?
What progress do you think humankind will have made in exploring new worlds in space by 2030?
What are your proposals for getting people in your country and/or region more engaged in space activities?
Your essay must answer all of these questions.
Length of every answer must be no more than 500 words, font Verdana or Tahoma, size 12 pt, single spacing. Accepted language is English only.
Please, add your contact details below your essay.

Copyright and publication:

By entering the essay contest, entrants grant further permission for organizers to publish all or part of the submitted essay and to use entrant’s name and photograph to publicize the winning entry, all without royalty or other considerations.


The winner will receive a World Space Week flag flown in the Orion spacecraft.
The winning essay will be published for a period of six months on UNOOSA’s website, in World Space Week section.


The winning essay will be selected by a panel of judges from World Space Week Association and UNOOSA.
The judges’ decision will be final.


September 25, 2017
Please, send your essays to: [email protected]
No late entries will be accepted.

Announcement of winners:

The winner will be announced during World Space Week 2017, 4-10 October.
For further information, please contact Mr. Goran Nikolasevic, WSWA Executive Director at [email protected]

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