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If you are reading this, you must have a special talent. What is it?
Mistral is giving you opportunity to learn about coding – Gigi School of Coding.


As Mistral grew, they realised that aspiring developers who were applying for work lacked knowledge and skills essential for the work they do. The aim of Gigi School of Coding is to equip you with the skills needed for a great start in the software development industry. What better place to learn than in the company that has owned this field for 7 executive years now? The bootcamp was launched back in March 2015 with 6 participants. All 6 got a job at the end of the bootcamp. To date, 37 amazing people went through the program, 22 got a job at Mistral and the rest also found their place in the IT industry in our country, and abroad.

You will live Mistral for 3 months, get to know its employees and join in all epic activities. You have a chance to become a junior at Mistral and to contribute in making the web a better place for the biggest clients alongside the finest teams. After the successful completion of the program, we expect you to be able to get the requirements from a client, analyze them, make a project plan, design a database, draw wireframes, make mockups, write code to provide Web API services and finally convert data to useful information directly to user’s screen.

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  1. ASP.Net Web API
    Designing APIs for use over the web is the key part of most projects these days. Knowing the best way to design them with longevity, testability and reliability in mind is important. This course will show you how.Introduction to SQL
    This course is a gentle introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) and SQL Server. The course will enable you to create and maintain SQL databases as a true DB Administrator.
  2. Introduction to MongoDb
    MongoDB is a very popular NoSQL database that is fast and scalable. This course will introduce you to this unique database and arm you with the essential skills to start using Mongo to power your software application.
  3. LINQ Fundamentals with C#
    Big changes have been made to C# thanks to LINQ.
    This course will give you everything you need to work with the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) features of C#, using practical examples and demonstrating some best practices.
  4. AngularJS Fundamentals
    AngularJS has gained enormous popularity in a very short amount of time. This course demonstrates how to use the essential abstractions of AngularJS, including modules, controllers, directives and services.
  5. Angular: Getting Started
    Angular (aka Angular4) is one of the fastest, most popular open source web app frameworks today, and knowing how to use it is essential for developers. You'll learn how to create components and user interfaces, data-binding, retrieving data, and more.

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