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11 mar

Developing and working on your project & knowledge is an ongoing process. That’s why Microsoft Student Partners prepared IMAGINE CUP ACADEMY program focusing on both Technology and Project Development. In the upcoming days we would like to invite you to join our webinar series and/or local events to help you build your project and successfully compete in the Imagine Cup.

Our experts will share with you their tips, recommendations, resources, and experience with technology, project development, and Imagine Cup. You’ll also get a chance to ask questions, discuss issues you are struggling with, and network with other students. Former Imagine Cup teams will also join us to as Special Guests to share their story, lessons learnt, and tip and tricks.

Reserve your spot now.

Webinar 1 | On Demand | Technology Focus | Artificial Intelligence
Webinar 2 | On Demand | Technology Focus | Big Data
Webinar 3 | On Demand | Technology Focus | Mixed reality
Webinar 4 | Technology Focus | Elevator Pitch
Webinar 5 | Project Development | Business Model
Webinar 6 | Project Development | Path to the Startup
Webinar 7 | Project Development | Marketing Tips & Tricks
Webinar 8 | Technology Focus | Azure
The 2018 Imagine Cup season is underway – start your journey today by registering for the 2018 Imagine Cup.

Share with your friends, build a team, and show the world what you’ve got!

General Info

Welcome to the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Microsoft Student Partners Community!

We are students with passion for technology, students who aspire to go above and beyond what’s expected and who want to lead and mentor the next generation of software developers. We provide the software/hardware tools, training, and networking opportunities so you can develop and refine the skills you need to jump-start your career. We share the knowledge among the academic community by, for example, arranging courses, giving presentations and initiating projects.
Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are student technology leaders, empowered to build Microsoft communities on their campus and share their deep knowledge and passion for technology with their fellow classmates. Spanning more than 100 countries around the world, MSPs receive:

  • Leadership Experience – Host fun workshops, run hackathons, and give demos on campus to grow a community of students.
  • Resume Building – Enhance their promotional skills, add to their professional technology experience, and work alongside Microsoft professionals.
  • Exclusive Access – Receive insider training, exposure to career opportunities, and access to the latest technology events.

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