MediaInfo: otvoren konkurs za dva radna mjesta

20 jun

Mediainfo is a complete digital library software solution for interactive and intuitive viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized content. Mediainfo is powering some of the world’s most prestigious libraries, publishers, educational institutions, magazines, and other organizations and companies. Mediainfo helps organizations utilize and re-use their content more effectively by leveraging past investments in content and re-purposing them for new audiences and markets.

If you are interested in developing new ways on how to use and reuse digitized objects, passionate about working with cultural and heritage institutions.
If you believe that we have an obligation to produce new ways on how past knowledge could be presented to new generations in most effective and interesting ways and full of ideas and are looking for ways to manifest them. Then we invite you to come and work with us!

You will be able to work from home with flexible schedules. Salaries are based on expertise level and periodical performance evaluations.

Currently, we are specifically looking for following skillsets/positions, but if you believe you have some other skill that would benefit us, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We are looking for frontend developer and backend developer. If you want to gain knowledge about our values and conditions you can find it here.

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