MAWISTA Stipendije za studij u Njemačkoj za mame-studentice i tate-studente

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Rok prijave 15.01.2018

MAWISTA is giving Scholarship for Students Studying Abroad with a Child.

Location: Germany

Variety enriches the education infrastructure this is also the motto for the new scholarship of MAWISTA. That’s why they would like to offer the scholarship to a person studying abroad with a child. One semester, or even the complete study abroad, is going to be more and more popular and gives many students the opportunity to let their dreams of living abroad come true and also to get some advantages for their future career.

But the study, a foreign country and a child is a real challenge, it doesn’t matter if you are in a partnership or if you are a single parent. Studying with a child means to have more additional stress. It is a big challenge and requires a lot of organizational skills. Every student has to organize his/her studies. The student has to find a suitable flat, to pass the exams and to find a position for the practical semester. Further he has to handle the foreign language. For students with a child there is still one question left – who is going to take care of my child? This is certainly the most important question which has to be answered before going to study abroad. That means, you have to inform yourself where you can find a childcare in the place you are going to stay and how much it will cost. For MAWISTA it is very important to promote especially young people with a child who decided to study abroad. The focus is on your history/career, your personality and your personal background but not on the grade point average or the duration of the study. Tell us why you should be the one who should be promoted and how you are going to manage your daily life.

How to apply:

You can easily apply by sending us the attached application form and a short curriculum vitae to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Selection process:

  • Interested parties have the possibility to apply online until 15.01. (Annual)
  • Their jury will select five finalists until 30.01.
  • A winner of the five selected finalists will be chosen through public vote starting from 01.02. until 15.02.

Opportunity is About:
Administration; Government Agriculture, Forestry; Animal Science Architecture; Construction Arts; Design Biology; Chemistry Computers; IT Economics, Business, Management; Finance Education Energy Engineering Environment Geography; Outer Space History; Anthropology Human Rights International Affairs Languages Law Media, Marketing; PR Medicine, Nursing; Psychology Military; Security Physics; Math Politics Religion Society Sport; Fitness Theater, Video; Photography Tourism Transportation; Communication

Description of Ideal Candidate:

They are looking for students who won’t give up and who would like to finish their study even with double stress (study and child) because this is very important to them. If you think, that you are the one, send your application now!

International students with a child who are going to manage their studies in Germany also have the possibility to apply for the scholarship.

Deadline: January 15, 2018

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