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9 jun
Rok prijave 10.06.2017

The twlfth international summer school on youth and heritage (ISSYH12) July 25th – August 7th 2017
Stolac – Mostar – Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Forum Bosnia and its partners are pleased to announce the Twelfth
International Summer School on Youth and Heritage, to be held in Stolac (Bosnia and
Herzegovina) in July/August, 2017.

The School is a practical development of many years of research on tolerance and draws on an extensive network of partners, both individuals and organizations, committed to social and cultural reconstruction, reconciliation, and respect for diversity. The aim is to assist young people to reach a greater understanding and appreciation of the diversity and plurality in world cultures, particularly those that contribute to European diversity. Only in this way can the unity in diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a model of an open society, be recognised, conserved, and developed.
Through an integrated two-week programme of seminars, fieldwork, practical activities, and recreational evenings, participants are provided expert introduction to and hands-on
experience of traditional crafts and bodies of knowledge, architectural heritage, sustainable ways of life, and environmental practice. They are also encouraged to think about how socially cohesive, but fundamentally open communities can be developed and maintained, as well as the importance of combining diversity with strong roots in local heritage.

The school faculty is made up of local and visiting experts in the promotion of cultural and religious dialogue, specific areas of heritage preservation and promotion, traditional crafts and techniques, and similar fields. The school hosts up to 30 young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and elsewhere in Europe and other parts of the world. The international mix ensures a lively encounter between members of different cultures.
This year’s school will be co-organized by International Forum Bosnia and the Stolac Youth Forum, the Association for the Restoration of Civic Trust in Stolac Municipality, and the Sarajevo Old Town Scouts. Particular attention will be given to the development and
maintenance of open forms of identity under conditions of European integration and
globalization. The school will involve seminars and workshops on issues of cultural dialogue, the complex interrelationships between cultures, and the causes and effects of conflict that targets cultural or religious difference. As a forum for exploring certain aspects of traditional culture at first hand, the school will involve practical workshops on forgotten skills.

Fieldwork will focus on the renovation and rehabilitation of the damaged cultural and
natural heritage of Stolac. There will also be a number of field trips to local sites of interest on the Adriatic coast and in the hinterland.

More informations you can find here.

Application form: Application form- Twelfth International Summer School 2017, 1

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