Hidroinženjering&Economic zapošljava dvije mlade osobe

22 aug

H&E is looking for 2 young leaders, people who can motivate, organize, take responsibility and lead first and foremost themselves, and later small teams.

We do not really mind what school or previous experience you have as long as you are able to generate original ideas from time to time, and demonstrate commitment, leadership and excitement about your job including learning on and off working hours when needed, from day one.

Position one: Interior design with sales

  • You will help us find appropriate software combination for the most efficient designing of great looking bathrooms with materials that we sell (ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, drywall materials and lightning).
  • You will provide design solutions to select group of customers.
  • You will work closely with colleagues who purchase and exhibit ceramic tiles and other building materials, advising on new trends and new products to include in our portfolio.
  • Later, you will start helping acquire new wholesale buyers and suppliers.
    You will primarily start as a designer but, ideally, end up as sales specialist doing occasional design tasks.
  • If you show good results, you could become head of department within a year.

Ideal for: architects interested in business as much as in design, but anyone who recognizes himself/herself is welcome to apply.

Position two: Marketing and online sales

  • You will help existing collegues formally organize marketing department
    Trough learning about organization, you will develop complete, practical, no non-sense marketing plan.
  • You will identify posibilites and decide on priorities in accordance with our capabilities
  • You will also work with team for online sales, helping list products, promoting them, analyzing and improving existing processes.
  • You will do necessary administration tasks to get job done, like working with different suppliers, subcontractors, designers, marketing agencies, writing reports etc.
  • This is not graphic design or programming position, although some knowledge is beneficial
  • If you show good results, you could become head of department within a year.

Ideal for: Young enthusiasts interested in developing business through marketing mix and measuring results

What can you expect in terms of pay and other benefits? You tell us.

If you are interested, please send your CV with photograph and motivation letter to [email protected]. If you are applying for Interior design, please include best render or design you’ve created so far, and shortly describe tools and process.

We reserve the right not to reply if application is found to be incomplete, inappropriate or submitted documents are not in English.

If you are wondering, everything is in English because most documents you will read, as well as all foreign correspondence, is in English.

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