Harvard University: Besplatan online kurs “The Architectural Imagination”

30 apr

Harvard University’s free online course on ‘The Architectural Imagination’, introduces students to the key principles of architecture and the fascinating role it plays in our society.

Ever fancied yourself as an architect? Harvard University are offering you the chance to live out that fantasy. Well sort of. ‘The Architectural Imagination’ is an online course now on offer from the university’s Graduate School of Design, and whilst it won’t give you the necessary accreditations to design buildings, it does promise to offer a fascinating introduction to the world of architecture.

The first module of the course will teach skills such as architectural drawing and architectural typology through a series of videos and exercises. Focusing on materials and technology, the second module aims to illustrate how architecture has the power to transform raw materials into beautiful factors of a landscape’s overall aesthetic. The third and final module takes a more anthropological approach, examining the role of architecture in society as well as its ability to bring about social change.

The course is free (if you want a certificate at the end it’s £79) and you can start any time you like – click here for more information.

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