Globalna težnja: podrška inicijativi civilnog društva da izgradi novinski kapacitet do P/CVE

3 dec
Rok prijave 28.12.2018

Strengthening Resilience to Violence and Extremism STRIVE-Global, funded by the European Union (EU) under the financial Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP), is currently seeking applications for a program entitled “Support of Civil Society Initiatives to Build Journalism Capacity to P/CVE in Central Asia, Turkey, MENA, South Caucasus & Western Balkan Regions “.


  • The global objective of this call for proposals is to strengthen the capacity of media and state actors to communicate on violent extremism and terrorism in a way that reduces, rather than exacerbates, the threat.
  • The specific objectives of this call for proposals are:
    • To work with local partners to design and implement actions aiming at preparing journalists and government’s spokesmen to cover violent extremism and terrorism in a complex and tumultuous world.
    • To improve the relationship between government and media.
    • To promote professional, ethical principles, rules and fundamental values of journalism, particularly the duty to serve the truth.


The priorities of this call for proposals are:

  • Educating and training future journalists, professional journalists/broadcasters and editors. Addressing the current challenge of reporting on violent extremism and terrorism that, at best, fails to adequately interrogate the radicalising narrative and, at worst, assists its objectives. Strengthening the capacity in the media to produce a workable code of conduct on ethical journalism that contributes to Strengthening Resilience to Violence and Extremism.
  • Increasing constructive engagement between Government and media on violent extremism related issues. Encouraging Government and Security Officials to offer a more co-ordinated and effective communications response. Advocating for a Government press and public information communications, inter-agency protocols for handling communication responses to critical incidents. Equipping State actors to respond robustly, effectively rebutting the radicalising narrative in a manner that reflects nuanced understanding of the target audience. Improving Government capacity on CVE communications that will address the benefits that violent extremist groups derive through engagement with a wide range of media platforms

Size of Grants

Any grant requested under this call for proposals must fall between EUR 40,000 and EUR 80,000.

Target Countries

The target countries are:

  • Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
  • Turkey
  • MENA Region: Jordan
  • South Caucasus: Georgia
  • Western Balkans: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to be eligible for a grant, the lead applicant must:
    • be a legal person established in any of the countries mentioned above and
    • be non-profit-making and
    • be a civil society organisation, including non-governmental non-profit organisations and interdependent political foundations, community based organisations, private sector non-profit agencies, institutions and organisations and networks at local, national, regional and international level; public sector, non –profit agencies with headquarters in any of the countries mentioned above and
    • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicant (s) and affiliated entity (ies), not acting as an intermediary and
    • have a strong background in journalism subject, curricula development and training.
  • Potential applicants may not participate in calls for proposals or be awarded grants if they are in any of the situations.

How to Apply

The concept note together with its relating checklist and declaration by the lead applicant should be submitted via email at the address given on the website.

For more information, visit link



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