EYP BiH: Otvorene prijave za 22. Regionalni forum u Mostaru

2 mar
Rok prijave 03.03.2018

EYP BiH will host its 22nd Regional forum in Mostar from Saturday 10th to Monday 12th of March 2018.

During the three days, the delegates will be able to discuss current issues, create a resolution and then present their solutions during the General Assembly.
The Head Organizers of the forum are Martina Perić and Omar Zolj.
Presided by Vedad Misirlić and edited by Pepijn de Haan. The forum will gather more than 80 participants, including over 60 delegates.
Participants will be divided into 7 committees, each having a designated topic. The session will include one day of Teambuilding, one day of Committee Work and one day of General Assembly.

No previous experience withing the European Youth Parliament is needed.

Deadline for submmiting your application is 3rd of March 23:59.

The participation fee for delegates is 5 KM as there will be food and materials provided.

For questions, feel free to reach out to us at:
[email protected]
+387 62 017 988

You can find application form here.

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