EVS: Poziv za volontiranje u Sloveniji

28 jan

We are looking for a person, which is close to arts, culture, youth work and new ICT tehcnologies and have experience  of at least on one of these areas.

We will provide a suitable accomodation to the volunteer. He will gain new work experience with a help of a mentor. He will receive following competencies and results:

–          Get to know and learn the use of different techniques of audio and video technologies,

–          Get to know and learn the various tehcniques of audio and video mixing at movies and TV shows,

–          Learn to use a variety of programs for the preparation and editing of video material for TV shows and video documentaries,

–          Learn the Cubase software for music production studio,

–          Gain necessary skills to prepare own scripts,

–          Learn to prepare own articles for publication in the print media under supervision of a experienced journalist

–          Learn to use Photoshpo for photo editing and graphics,

–          Acquire the knowledge and competences for managing websites,

–          Learn to use Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition,

–          Gain the knowledge to use HD-V video camera

–          Gain the skills to work with young people through the organisation and leading creative workshops for preschool and primary school children,

–          Gain the number of competencies in the organization of cultural and artistic events (arrangements with performers, proper lighting and sound system),

–          Have the opportunity to visit many cultural events and networking with staff from other institutions,

–          Have the opportunity to attend various training sessions, workshops, field trips,

–          Strengthen their visual ability, improve photographic and video skills,

–          Strengthen the social and intercultural competences,

–          Strengthen the self confidence and self esteem throug designing of their own projects,

–          Learn the basics of a new language (Slovenian) and develope the knowledge of other foreign languages to communicate with other members (English, German….).

The volunteer will receive an allowance of 85,42 EUR/month, yearly 1025 EUR. We kindly ask that you prepare a list of interested volunteers together with their CV/motivation letter describing previous work experience in the field of IT, work with children, young people and their creativity.

We need 1 volunteer. He/she will be living in Laško (www.lasko.sihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La%C5%A1ko)
He will be working for Študentski, mladinski and otroški center Laško (www.smocl.comhttps://www.facebook.com/smoclasko/https://www.facebook.com/otrocjicenter.kinolasko/http://tvlasko.si/)
The project is for 12 months, we would like to have the volunteer in Laško in February (or earlier) if possible.

Svi zainteresovani treba da posalju motivaciono pismo i CV na eng. jeziku na adresu: [email protected].

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