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Ema is expanding and applying for funding to further grow its services to prospective and current students and alumni. They are looking for talented professionals for the following roles

  • Managing Director,
  • Partnership Manager,
  • Project Manager,
  • Funding and Policy Officer,
  • Financial Officer
  • Executive Support Officer.

You will be committed to start the role initially on a voluntary basis followed by a paid position in the future. This is due to outstanding confirmation of receipt of funding.

This is a very exciting time to join and support the set up of a global organisation. They are confident that they will be successful in their funding applications. They also appreciate that you may want to continue working whilst the role is on voluntary terms and are dedicated to support the growth of a global organisation.

  • Does the opportunity to be part of a team developing and supporting an international student and alumni association excite you?
  • Are you motivated by working in multicultural teams and by taking responsibility? Then EMA needs you in the strive for a collaborative society towards a world-wide quality and mobile education.

Who they are?

EMA is an international NGO with over 12,000 members spread across more than 170 countries and was established in 2015 in Brussels, Belgium.

EMA represents a community of ambitious, highly educated, and multi-lingual students and alumni of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master and Doctoral programmes financed by the European Commission. These are highly competitive and prestigious programmes that cover various fields and are run by consortiums of European Universities. Students are exposed to different cultures of their peers and the two or more European countries in which they study. Thus EMA’s core values are: excellence, quality education, diversity, equality, development and sustainability.

What they do?

EMA have been working on several projects targeting youth, students, HEI´s, civil society and the European Commission and our aim is to be the cornerstone for educational evolution through:

  1. promotion of Europe as the center of excellence in higher education, research and innovation, mobility, social inclusion, and internationalization;
  2. enhancement of the values of European Integration process ‘engaging with partners outside of the EU and within Europe on equal terms and in programmes and activities of high mutual interest’ to enhance international cooperation;
  3. breaking boundaries and demystifying anti-EU sentiments while educating and inspiring citizens of the world on the uniqueness and importance of the EU.

If you enjoy working in an international environment and you get motivated by solving challenges this is the place to be. One does NOT need to be an EMA member to be able to apply.

Selection process and key dates:

  • 13-15th November – assessment of candidates
  • 15-20th November – conducting online interviews
  • 21st November – announcement of results

Please note: should you be selected for one of the positions, EMA is holding a Strategy Meeting on Nov 24-26th in Brussels and your presence at this meeting may be required (costs will be covered by EMA).

If you have any questions please contact: [email protected]

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