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18 jul
Rok prijave 15.09.2018

CALL FOR THE PROPOSALS for sub-granting of projects of NGOs, CSOs that are registered in one of the following countries: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99), Montenegro, FYR Macedonia Albania, and Turkey.

Project intend to contribute to the achievement of Overall objective:
CSOs recognized by governments as an important societal factor with strong capacity to implement peacebuilding and reconciliation Agenda in the WB and Turkey and contributes to security and stability of the region in the process of EU integration.
Specific objective to be realized within the life spam of the project:  CSO strengthened regional cooperation and capacities in order to increase credibility, political participation and effectiveness in advocating prevention of radicalization and facilitation of inter-ethnic dialog in the region of WB and Turkey through implementation of cross-stakeholder’s approach that will foster societal reconstruction.

Through the implementation of the Work Programme project should provide at least three measurable results:
• Result 1 – CSO platform established operational “Regional Social Lab for peace and reconciliation” to
develop effective cross-stakeholder approach for advocating societal reconstruction in the region of WB
and Turkey;
• Result 2 – CSOs from the region improved and strengthened internal capacities in order to effectively advocate for reconciliation action in WB and Turkey towards 4 main stakeholder groups – CSOs, public institutions, business and citizens;
• Result 3 – CSOs fostering stakeholder dialog in/across the region of WB and Turkey and advocating for effective, sustainable and independent supportive mechanism for implementation of the peace-building and reconciliation policy.
The competition is announced for the sub-granting of funds within the project “Divided Past Joined Future” funded by European Union, in WB and Turkey (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo – under UNSCR 1244/99, Albania, FYR Macedonia and Turkey. The Call for Proposal is open to support small projects of selected WB and Turkey CSOs, NGOs to enhance respect for diversity and improve inclusive
practices with community members and stakeholders through peace building activities.

Applications for sub-grant can be submitted for projects lasting from 4 months minimum up to 6 months maximum.
The projects must be focused on aim to enhance respect for diversity and improve inclusive practices with different community members through peace building activities, using social innovation practices.
The project/activities supported by the sub-grants must be part of the organization’s strategy, and in line with their mission, vision and statutes.

The following have the right to apply:
• Registered NGOs, or CSOs, which are:
• Legal entities registered in the Business Registers/Court or other relevant body in the one of the country targeted by the Call (WB and Turkey) where they operate, and have
• Registered organizational bank accounts, and
• Have capacity to implement the proposed action.
Applicant must have minimum one partner, either from the public or business sector. In order to propose and find solutions for the problem/s that is addressed by their applications, applicants are strongly encouraged to involve one of the partner/s (business or from public sector) to be a problem solution.
In this regards potential Applicants are required to provide minimum of 10% of the financial contribution to total budget request. Goods and/or services are not affordable and cannot be a part of yours minimum 10% financial contribution (for the clarification, look at the budget).
Any applicant can submit more than one application, but only one application per CSO, NGO can be granted.

• Applicants and co- applicants of project “Divided Past – Joint Future”;
• Individuals;
• Business (for profit) entities;
• Public sector entities (public governments, agencies, institutions);
• Religious organizations;
• An association that one of the founders is a political party.
Eligible direct costs are costs that are directly related to project implementation such as salary / compensation to project manager (on basis of work contract or other eligible contracts), activity managers, costs of monitoring and evaluation of project implementation, publication, printed materials, campaigns, roundtables,
education, travel expenses for carrying out activities and other costs that are indispensable and directly related to the implementation of the project. The equipment can also be purchased as part of the project, if it is necessary for the project and clearly related to the activities.

Potential applicants should respect following specific rules in regards the costs of staff, travel, equipment and office:
1. Staff costs up to 30% of total budget;
2. Travel costs up to 10% of total budget;
3. Equipment costs up to 10% of total budget;
4. Office costs up to 10% of total budget.
1. Producing and organizing various social events in community to promote and raise awareness of peace building and reconciliation; respect for diversity and inclusive practices;
2. Conducting a lobbying/advocacy campaign at specific governmental representatives for a single purpose (i.e. a change in a particular piece of legislation or amendments that is relevant to the community life and peace and reconciliation process);
3. Engaging in discussions, roundtables and negotiations with community decision-makers on peace building and reconciliation, that lead towards improvement of the social and economic life of the individuals in community.
4. Organizing debates or public meetings or other community activities to promote peace building and respect for diversity using inclusive social innovation approach.
5. Improving condition between different stakeholders in community such as business sector and civil society actors in order to find appropriate solutions for respective community problems;
6. Conducting peace-building or inclusive community members activities in the communities enabling community members from diverse backgrounds to socialize and learn together.
7. Activities that increase tolerance and enhance dialogue and cooperation between different ethnic, cultural or religious communities.
The list is not exhaustive.
The sub-grant cannot be used:
• As CSO/NGO funding for major equipment purchases such as furniture, renovation of facilities, etc.;
• For existing activities or initiatives or items that are usually part of central or local government funding;
• To pay for additional regular office resources such as paper, pens and books;
• To pay stipends;
• For sponsorship for participation in conferences at home or abroad;
• For debts and provisions for losses or liabilities;
• Customs and import duties or any other fees;
• Fines, financial penalties and litigation costs;
• Used equipment;
• The budget of the project to be applied shall not include costs related to investment, construction, adaptation and equipping of premises in which the CSO/NGO operates or capital facilities and the purchase of technical equipment (computers, printers, telephones, cameras, etc.) that are not necessary for the implementation of activities. Exceptions to this rule need to be specifically explained and defined
in the cost specification.
• VAT costs are not eligible as sub-grants are funded by EU IPA funds. Contractor will provide administrational assistance to selected applicants in order to obtain official exemption of VAT.

One single project could last minimum 4 and maximum 6 months.
With prior clarification, the Project can obtain a prolonged approval of a maximum of 30 days. Clarification must be sent to the contracting authority (Youth Communication Centre – OKC) no later than 21 day before the Contract ends.

The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is EUR 259.000,00.

The competition is open to the public from [July 15, 2018] to [15th of September 2018].
Prescribed Application form, Budget forms and Report forms are enclosed with this Call for proposals and can be downloaded from the website.
Modifying the application and the other prescribed forms will result in the rejection of the application.
Applications should be filled using an appropriate computer program (Word/Excel) in the language of the provided forms. Applications written by hand, typewriter or otherwise will not be accepted.
Required mandatory documents:
• Application form signed by the authorized person and stamped;
• The budget in the prescribed forms – tabular and narrative, signed by the authorized person and stamped;
• Need Assessment form- signed by authorized person and stamped;
• Partnership Statement- signed by authorized person and stamped;
• A copy of the Registration Certificate of the applicant organization, or the institution it belongs to;
• Statement that applicant has human resources to implement the project application, signed and stamped;
Project proposals should consist of:
1. One original printed and bound copy of the required documents to be submitted by mail or in person at the following address not later than 15th of September 2018:
Youth Communication Centre
Lazarička 2
78000 Banja Luka
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Printed version of the application documents must be submitted in a sealed envelope. On the envelope it should be written:

Electronic version of the application package (Application Form, Tabular and Narrative Budget forms) submitted by e-mail to the following e-mail address [email protected] not later than the end of 15th of September 2018.

The deadline for the submission of applications is September 15, 2018 as evidenced by the date of dispatch, the postmark or the date of the deposit slip. In the case of hand-deliveries, the deadline for receipt is at 17:00 hour’s local time as evidenced by the signed and dated receipt. The deadline for the submission of the e-mail version of applications is the end of September 15, 2018.
Any application submitted after the deadline will automatically be rejected.
Applications submitted by fax, or only by e-mail or any other means will not be taken into consideration.
If the printed version of the application documents does not arrive by the time of official opening the applications for evaluation, the proposal will be rejected on the basis of late submission.
Delayed, incomplete or otherwise submitted applications contrary to the terms of this Call will not be considered.
For additional questions please contact the Youth Communication Centre via e-mail address [email protected] before August 15, 2018. Answers to all questions will be published on the project website  by August 24, 2018.

To Check it
Necessary documentation: Forms under the ordinal number one (1) to six (6) must be filled out and sent to the post address and e-mail address indicated in the Call for Proposals:
1. Application Form (Word format);
2. Budget Form (Excel format);
3. Need Assessment form (Word format);
4. Partnership Statement (Word format);
5. Declaration by the applicant that has human resources to implement the project application, signed and stamped (Word format – part of the Application form);
6. A copy of the Registration Certificate of the applicant organization, or the institution it belongs to.
Other documents:
1. Need Assessment Instruction form (PDF format).

For more information and criteria for submission of project proposal here you can download application package.

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