Diversity is Super-City!

22 jul
Rok prijave 02.08.2016

Intensive artistic residency with a performance as a final result
25th September – 02nd October, 2016, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia.

The project “Diversity is Super-City!” will gather 18 young artists from Albania, Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, and Croatia (2 participants from each country) to a 8 days residency in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia to work and explore cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue using performance and theatre arts. The project consists of a research on the topic, residency, performance, and conference. The residency will have a preparatory phase consisting of a research process and during the implementation the group will be involved in a creative workshop. During the residency experienced trainers will support participants to work on the topic using performance making and theatre techniques. The residency will culminate with a performance and a final conference. The main goal is to get to know and examine different regional cultures, what are the similarities and differences between them, and to put this analysis in the form of art.

Participants profile:
The participants we are looking for must be socially engaged artists and having ALL the following characteristics:
• performing artists – theatre, music, dance
• interest in social issues
• having a true and real interest in the topic and new methodologies
• focus and determinate
• open to diversity
• fluent in English as a working language (being able to understand and communicate in English for the entire residency)
• its obligatory to be present during all residency days and on all activities

Financial aspects:
Accommodation, food and venue are in charge and covered by organizers/REACH. We are also able to refund 70% of your travel costs. Selected participants will have to pay a participation fee of 30 euro.

Please do read carefully Call for participants before applying:

to apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd_O7X-XPxeRerK4IXhDVhRKvdSVHPTeHS4PxHpAic1-tOCcg/viewform

Application deadline is 02nd August, 2016

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