DISCO Poziv za podnošenje projektnih prijedloga: Mikro grantovi za podršku manjim aktivnostima

11 jun
Rok prijave 25.06.2018

Are you interested in concretely supporting human rights and democracy in your country? If yes, then submit proposals for Micro-grants to Support Small-scale Activities Disseminating and Further Promoting Previous Cycles’ Outcomes!

This call for proposals will support projects designed to contribute to building democratic and inclusive societies through helping develop a culture of democracy by promoting education for democratic citizenship and human rights education in States party to the European Cultural Convention.

Funding Information

The total available budget under this call for proposals is EUR 70.000 (seventy thousand Euros).

Eligibility Criteria

Any public organisation or a non-for-profit entity active in the field of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education can apply for the call.

In order to be eligible for a grant, an organisation must:

be legally constituted as a non-for-profit structure or a public entity;
be entitled to carry out the activities described in the project proposal;
have sufficient financial capacity (stable and sufficient sources of funding) to maintain its activity throughout the period for which the grant is awarded and to participate by way of its own resources (including human resources or in-kind contributions);
have sufficient operational and professional capacity, including staff, to carry out activities described in its project proposal;
have a bank account.
How to Apply

The application form, completed and signed, together with the supporting documents, must be submitted in electronic form (Word and/or PDF) via e-mail at the address given on the website.

Eligible Countries: Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Iceland, Holy See, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia“, Turkey, Ukraine.

For more information, click here.

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