Besplatan E-Learning seminar

10 jul

Besplatan E – Learning seminar je kreiran u okviru projekta „Tranzicija studenata s invaliditetom od visokog obrazovanja do tržišta rada u Srbiji, Bosni i Hercegovini i Crnoj Gori“ finansiranog od strane Erasmus + programa.

Trans2Work project – description of the project idea, main aim and objectives of the Trans2Work project

The Trans2Work project is designed as complementary with “Equal Access for All -Strengthening the Social Dimension for a Stronger European Higher Education Area” (EquiED) in SR and “Support and Inclusion of SwDs at Higher Education in Montenegro” (SINC@HE) in ME and “Equal Opportunities for Students With Special Needs in Higher Education” (EQOPP) in BiH. The aforementioned projects have been designed to improve the equal access, inclusion and support of prospective and current students with disability (SwD) at HEIs in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Taken into consideration the specific objectives of these 3 projects, the proposed project is a follow up and complementary based on the assumption that SwD often experience limited access to and success within postsecondary and higher education programs which subsequently limits their employment. Thus, Trans2Work links the outcomes from the afore mentioned projects and makes the next step by preparing SwD to meet the needs of the labor market after their graduation.
Although there is a good background and some common good developed strategies there are a lot of differences that are making the mobility among partner countries not easy and in a lot of cases the implementation of those policies are still inefficient and not practically linked. A review on reports and literature focusing on the transition from HE to work life in the 3 partner countries has showed a lack of research data and information. Generally employers are skeptical about the possibility of hiring PwD since their concern relates to the ability of PwD to carry out their employment responsibilities. Important factor for positive change in the attitude of employers is the level of education of PwD.
The consortium of the project consists of 23 partners from EU, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Coordinator of this project is the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki (GREECE).
Aim of the project is to improve the quality and relevance of school to work transition of HE SwD in Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main objectives are to (a) upgrade and prepare HEIs services to support SwD to their transition from HE to Work following the EU policies, (b) link Higher Education to “disability friendly” work environments, (c) assimilate transition opportunities and skills with EU practices and policies and (d) to prepare employers on understanding the needs of employees with disabilities in order to offer new jobs.
Specific objectives of the project are to:

• Identify and analyze the needs of employers and students with disabilities
• Create a web based tool that will help (a) employers to identify suitable people to fill specific positions and it will be designed to account for special requirements needed by employers and (b) SwD to identify their interests and educational needs
• Create of a portal that will electronically connect employers, individuals with disabilities and the person in each partner country responsible for the development of educational programs for individuals with disabilities
• Inform stakeholders through seminars and workshops, distribution of booklets and/or electronic material regarding the use of the platform and its operation
• Train (a) teaching staff, (b) employers and (b) SwD to manage their career
• Strengthen the role of career centers and establishing the role of mentors
• Raise awareness of employers regarding the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.
• Raise awareness and motivation towards transition and increase the number of HE SwD involved in world of work

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