Networks Sarajevo: Balkan Startup 2017 Kick Off!

23 sep

Are you ready to experience a business conference which will totally kick you out of the comfort zone?

If your answer is YES and you are a young start-up from Bosnia and Herzegovina that is looking for new knowledge, new business connections and intense feeling of excitement, you are the one for Balkan Start:up 2017.

Meet them at Foundation Networks on September 28th at 6pm and find out how to go where Gorenje was born, where stability meet challenges and create an opportunity to fly to Silicon Valley.

At demo day in Sarajevo, they will give you all the information you need and answer to all of you questions:

– Why Balkan Startup is the best choice
– Presentation of the program
– Which are the guests
– What is the award
– How to apply

Can't wait to see you all. September 28th, 6pm, Skenderpasina 1, Foundation Networks.

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