Ambasada Švicarske: Poziv za grantove malih kulturalnih akcija

8 mar


Cultural relations between Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina are vibrant. Switzerland has been active in the cultural field in BiH since the end of the war 1995. Initially the focus was set on the reconstruction of various cultural institutions. Later on it shifted on revival of independent cultural work and local cultural scene by supporting single initiatives and investing in capacity building.
By the end of 2016 around 500 cultural projects – small actions, national and regional projects – were supported either by the Embassy of Switzerland directly and organisations mandated by the Swiss Government (Antenna office of Pro Helvetia in Sarajevo) or from a fund Swiss Government contributed to (Balkan Arts and Culture Fund).

Cultural Small Actions Grants

Switzerland continues to support small-scale projects in the area of culture for the next two years through calls, convinced that culture can act as a catalyst for sustainable development and contribute to social and cultural transformation. Preference will be given to projects which are implemented outside of large cities.
Through the Culture Small Actions grants, the Swiss Cooperation Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to support creative, change-oriented, and socially relevant actions, which can be completed, ideally, within one year or at the latest by January 31st, 2019.
The contribution amount available for support is max. BAM 15'000. Higher amounts could be considered for projects aimed for strategic interventions, which can contribute to country’s cultural policy development and have the potential of scaling up. Financial or in-kind own contribution of the applicant (not less than 15% of total budget) is considered as obligatory.
Each organisation or institution can receive funding only for one project in the current phase of the Small Actions grants (2017-January 2019).

Call for proposals for Culture Small Actions Grants

The Embassy of Switzerland is pleased to announce a Call for proposals for Culture Small Actions to be supported through the Small Actions grants of the Swiss Cooperation Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Application procedure

The deadline for proposal submission is April 30, 2017. The Embassy will finalize approval process within one month after the deadline.
Please read first the eligibility criteria and requirements at link as well as SDC Culture and Development Policy.

Applicants are invited to send electronic copies of the duly completed application form and attached budget form (see templates below) to the following email address with the subject: “Application to Culture Small Actions”.

Applications with requested contribution equal of higher than BAM 15’000 must be submitted in English, while other applications can be submitted either in English or local language. The Embassy prefers short and concise applications.
Please remember to save the templates on your computer before you start filling in your application.

Application forms and other details find here.


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