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9 jul
Rok prijave 31.07.2018


Are you a developer based in Europe? Is your talent serving things that matter to you? At Babbel, we’re committed in building bridges between people, cultures and aspirations; to bring forward more curiosity and more empathy. With over 600 people from 53 nationalities working together in Berlin and NYC, we’ve built the world’s top-grossing language-learning app, driven by the vision of everyone learning languages. And guess what? That mission needs you!

Take up the Challenge …and win a trip to New York

Babbel’s classic product makes digital language-learning possible through a number of trainer functions that teach users language concepts through text, images, and audio (please find examples in the “Trainers” section).

This challenge is your invitation to build a trainer with your unique fingerprint, showcasing your own design intuition and technical creativity. Help us shape the future of language learning! Reinvent language-learning in the digital space, and connect people to new worlds and new experiences through the journey a new language offers!

Imagine how to improve Babbel’s product

Learning any language is something of a challenge. It requires perseverance and dedication, but it’s also immensely fun, endlessly rewarding, and doesn’t need to be approached with trepidation.Imagine how to improve language learning.

Opportunity is About:
Computers & IT Engineering Languages Media, Marketing & PR

Deadline: July 31, 2018

Cost/funding for participants: Fully Funded


1st: XMAS trip to NYC for 2 – Win a week in New York for two including flights worth about 5.000 euros!
2/10: 1 year of Babbel – Teams ranked from 2nd to 10th place will win a 12 months Babbel subscription for all languages, worth 99 euros each!

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