Želite li se baviti smanjenjem nasilnog radikalizma – evo vodič za vas!

8 jul

A newly published toolbox provides guidance and advice for youth workers working with young people at risk of violent radicalisation.

The toolkit gives tips to youth workers on:

  • how to spot early signs of radicalisation
  • how to enhance critical thinking
  • how to work with different sectors to prevent violent radicalisation

The toolkit is a part of a larger report that also makes recommendations for policymakers. The policy recommendations, for authorities from the very local to the European level, highlight how cooperation between sectors can unlock youth work's full potential to prevent the violent radicalisation.

Both the practical toolbox and the policy recommendations are based on the successful good practice projects and policy approaches across Europe.

The report is ambitious. It aims to reach every youth worker across Europe who deals with youngsters at risk of violent radicalisation and empower them in the fight against the phenomenon. It urges the public authorities to stay vigilant to new challenges and form partnerships to combat radicalisation at its roots.

Full report in EU Bookshop: The contribution of youth work to preventing marginalisation and violent radicalisation


The report on the contribution of youth work to preventing marginalisation and violent radicalisation is a result of the expert group set up under the EU Work Plan for Youth 2016 – 2018.

The production of the report was announced on 14 June 2016 in the communication on preventing violent radicalisation.

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