Lori Greiner: Top 10 savjeta za uspjeh

7 maj

She majored in Communications, focusing on journalism, television, and film at Loyola University Chicago. She worked for the Chicago Tribune while attending university. She was briefly a playwright and also sold her own jewelry on the side. She created an intricate box that organized earrings which she later patented. Using borrowed money, she created a sample product which was picked up by J.C. Penney before the holiday season. In 2012, Greiner joined the US TV series Shark Tank and has been called “the warm-blooded shark”. In 2014, her investment in Scrub Daddy, a company which produces a texture changing household sponge, was noted as a great success. In March 2014, she published the book Invent it, Sell it, Bank it! – Make Your Million Dollar Idea into a Reality. She has also appeared on Shark Tank's spin-off, Beyond the Tank. She is also president and founder of the Chicago-based company For Your Ease Only, Inc.

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