Eight days in Lithuania – My experience

21 mar

Click on was the project about new dimension of active citizenshi- online citizenship. It highlights the concept of digital citizenship, which helps young people, youth workers and multiplayers to understand what young people should know about technology for a proper use.

It was organized in Lithuania,Kaunas and there were participants from 12 different countries: Albania, BiH, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Spain.

Besides hard work and multiple exercises, we all had a lot of fun and a great time. Trough 8-9 days we spent together, we all got a chance to get to know each other better and create beautiful memories. This experience was my first experience of international training and the best thing about it is that I learned new things, met people from different countries and got a chance to travel and experience Lithuania.

In the following video you can see just a little bit of this great experience and maybe motivate yourself to take your chances and try something like this.

Training is financed by Erasmus+ which is organized by Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations

Author: Aganović Emina

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